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Help the Herbsters go to Hong Kong!

Thank you for partnering with us in giving! Asking for money is very uncomfortable. We greatly appreciate your consideration to support us with a one time gift or monthly giving. We look forward to sharing with you how God is using your generosity to further His kingdom. 

The following is the breakdown for the $25,000 we are seeking to raise. Feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding this amount. We have sought much counsel and we are seeking to be wise in the use of these funds. For further explanation, I’ve added some comments below each amount.

Airline Tickets – our entire family (7 of us) will be going to Hong Kong this summer. We are reserving $1500 per ticket, but we are hoping to be able to get the tickets a little cheaper. Summer is an expensive time to fly so we will see what we can do.

Extra Baggage – see explanation above

One month rent upfront – when we sign the contract on our apartment, we will be required to pay one month’s rent in advance

This is $2000 for each of the 3 bedrooms in the apartment which includes bed/mattress, wardrobe (most rooms do not have closets), desk (for homeschooling) and bookshelf. We will get some of these items from IKEA (to save space), but we are also hoping to get some of it second hand to save money.

This is for a couch (hopefully with pull out bed), chairs and bookshelves for the living room.

Table, chairs, utensils, dishes, cookware, and appliances for Tiffany’s kitchen. Sometimes a fridge and washing machine come with the apartment, but we will use these funds for a dryer and all the normal things associated with a kitchen (mixer, coffee maker, countertop oven, blender, etc.).  

Bicycle – We will not be purchasing a car in Hong Kong. Public transportation is quite convenient, safe and affordable. However, there will be times where are bike would be very useful for me for transportation and exercise.

This number ($25,000) overwhelms me, but I know God is able to provide as He has all along the way in this process. If you are interested in giving, you can make a tax-deductible donation by clicking the Donate Button below or you can make a check out to:

Hope Ministries International
1405 Hewatt Rd SW, Lilburn, GA 30047